Webinar: Mobile Metrics that Matter in Local, Mobile SEO with Mobile-First Indexing

Mobile-First Indexing is more about Google organizing information around the Knowledge Graph than it is about a mobile crawler. This presentation, originally given at the LocalU conference in Santa Monica, CA, reviews three case studies about how Mobile-First Indexing (we like to think of it as Entity-First Indexing) is impacting search results in different industries. It also reviews how the location of the searcher does and sometimes does not impact what is included in the mobile search result.

We believe that the key to understanding Mobile-First Indexing is looking at real SERPs. Google is including more and more Hosted Inclusions in the results, making numeric rankings meaningless. These Hosted Inclusions are not just in Position-Zero but are scattered throughout the result, often pushing organic results much lower, but also taking clicks from organic results, because they are more interactive, more engaging, and offer instant information. With this kind of thing happening more and more in search, and organic ranking position offers very little insight if you don’t know what kinds of Hosted Inclusions are ranking above you or around you.

The total run-time for this webinar is 53 minutes. There are a couple of places where we edited, to cut some content for time – we did our best to make those smooth, but they are not perfect – sorry! If you like this webinar, or if you have comments or questions, please let us know in the YouTube comments! 

Soon, you will also be able to access the podcast version of this content, as part of our MobileMoxie podcast series, M4:MobileMoxie Marketing Musings – SEO & ASO Webinars,  in iTunes or GooglePlay (coming soon!). Thanks to everyone who attended this presentation live in Santa Monica! Please note that we have updated the promo code to work for people who did not attend the conference. It is ‘WEBINAR002’ – The ‘001’ in the promo code is numeric – ‘zero, zero, two’.