Getting Started with the MobileMoxie Tools

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Getting Started with the SERP Datalyzer

Getting Started with the Page Datalyzer

Getting Started with the App Datalyzer

Setting up your MobileMoxie Account

Sign up for a MobileMoxie account at 

MobileMoxie Account Registration Page

Follow the Brand Profile Wizard Setup

The first thing you’ll be greeted with when you sign up is an option to set up your account through the recommended Brand Profile Wizard¬†process. While this is totally optional, we highly recommend it for first time users. The wizard walks you through necessary steps for your account creation to get the most functionality out of all of the tools. This module is where you’ll list online websites, or pages that are relevant to your brand. This is how our tools can automatically track how your brand is performing in the search results or app store rankings!

MobileMoxie Brand Profile Wizard

Update Account Details in the Account Management Tab

In the Account Management tab, you’ll be able to manage your billing status, account plan options, security features, and much more. Hover over the user icon to update your Brand Profile Wizard and create new global brand assets for the tools.

Account Details Tab

It really is all about you.

Our three Datalyzer tools¬†are automatic tracking tools for digital marketing in the 21st century. They’re data focused to provide you with updated reporting on your SEO and digital marketing efforts in daily, weekly, and monthly intervals. We’re constantly updating our tools to cross-communicate data, so for them to work their best, make sure all your most important URL’s and landing pages are included in the Brand Profile. These URLs can also be edited within the SERP Datalyzer so you can change your tracked URLs for your SERP Parsing Chart and Historical SERP Performance Graph.