Live Testing in the SERPerator

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The SERPerator Live Google Search Results Testing Tool

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Live SERP Testing

Functions of the SERPerator

The SERPerator is our live SERP tester that allows anyone to test live Google Search results from any location in the world, with any phone language setting, and even on 50+ mobile phones AND desktop!

Select a Country, State, and City

Select a Field in the SERPerator

Add a Search Query

Add the search query you want to live-test the Google search results with. This might be your brand name, an important keyword target, or a competitors’ name.

Select up to Two Devices

The SERPerator SEO tool lets you select up to two devices to query Google with. This is fantastic for seeing the search result differences across mobile phones & desktop, or maybe between two different mobile phones. Why does this matter? Search results can sometimes vary dramatically across different devices, this could mean the difference between your website holding the first position or being not appearing at all!

MobileMoxie SERPerator

Optional: Select a phone language setting or exact address

You also have the option to see Google search results from an exact street address with a postal/zip code or to use a different phone language setting. These options are super useful for testing with location precision around your business or with your target audience’s language to see if the search results are presented differently.