Who do MobileMoxie Tools Benefit?

SEO’s – SEO Rank Tracking & SERP Analysis:

The MobileMoxie SERPerator is a unique SEO tool that allows you to capture screenshots of real search results, that are location, phone and language specific, and compare them over time. This works for any keywords that you want, and is fantastic if you are doing local SEO in places where you don’t live, if you are tracking search performance in other countries, or want to just get a sense of how a search result looks and changes over time. It is also great for spotting when things change in the search results that are hard to see in traditional analytics, like finding Fraggles, Hybrid Featured Snippets, Double Featured Snippets, changes to Knowledge Graph, People Also Ask (PAA), Interesting finds and more!

You can also use the Page-oscope to help track changes to your website landing pages, your GMB landing pages and even Knowledge Graph! Our tools allow you to track Schema, Metadata and links, so that you can correlate changes in ranking back to changes in the page or page code. They also easily allow you to see executed and unexecuted JavaScript without opening DEV Tools, and we even will compare source code between the mobile and desktop rendering of a page or from one test to another. This is critical for solving problems related to Mobile-First Indexing. The tests can be set up daily, weekly or monthly, and the diff-checker will help you isolate exactly what is different in the source code. Upload CSV lists of keywords and queries, landing pages, addresses, GMB pages, Knowledge Graph results that you want to monitor, and get tracking! We can run your tests daily, weekly or monthly. 

CRO’s, QA’s & UX’s – Conversion Optimization, User Experience & Quality Assurance:

Our Page-oscope is great for doing advanced conversion rate optimization (CRO). It allows you to set up tests that capture the full length of a page, on a variety of different phones and in a desktop/tablet mode. This makes it easy to see if anything is missing between desktop and mobile, and to spot problems, like important buttons that are below the fold on smaller phones, or to see conversion path navigation problems that are only present on certain devices. 

In addition to tracking mobile landing pages over time, our tools provide an accurate and interactive view of any landing page, so that you can actually complete full test-conversions in our tools. Doing test-conversions on a variety of mobile devices is a great way to QA a site, but also great for optimizing the funnel and building real empathy for mobile customers. This is a can’t miss tool for any CRO!

PPC’s – Pay-per Click Specialists & Digital Ad Sales & Tracking:

The MobileMoxie tools are also great for Ads! Whether you are selling digital advertising services, or buying digital ads, our SERPerator tool can help you see what ads are showing up, where and for what keywords. This includes geo-specific queries, on desktop and mobile devices. Knowing what the ads look like in a particular area can really help location-specific digital ad campaigns drive clicks and conversions quickly. 

You will be able to see what competitive ads look like, where they rank in the search result – at the top, bottom or in the Map Pack, and what they look like, to know if competitors are using Click-to-Call, if they are advertising app downloads or if they are using other ad extensions that take more real-estate and draw more attention.

Once you know what the ads look like, you can also use the Page-oscope to track the ad landing pages of you and your competitors, to see what is changing over time. This could include evaluations for UX and CRO, but could also help you spot when a competitors strategy or offering has changed. 

BI’s – Competitive & Business Intelligence Data Collection: 

Search results and landing pages are hard to quantify, but we make it easier. We take ambiguous, qualitative data in a Search Results Page (SERP) and parse it for you, to get real meaningful information. This includes data about not just what position things rank in, and how much space they take up on the page, but also pixel-height, and the proportion of distractions on the page. We can also parse which items in a search result  represent your company brand, and which ones don’t, to give you an overall Moxie-Score, that represents how much of the SERP you actually control.

In the Page-oscope, we parse all the HTML of the page, and capture it over time. This includes tracking all the data about executed and unexecuted JavaScript, Schema, Meta Data and links, so that BI can compile and  compare success metrics for the page to changes in actual page code, over time, to identify how changes to the page impacted overall success of a page, or more simply to answer questions about whether adding a new asset to a page, had a net positive or negative impact on search results, and conversions. 

  • MobileMoxie Tools offer members unlimited live web page & search result testing 
  • Schedule, run and archive geo-specific mobile keyword ranking and landing pages tests on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Bulk-upload keywords, addresses and web page testing data in CSVs.
  • MobileMoxie Tools allow you to Copy+Edit all saved mobile emulator tests.
  • Google Search Console (GSC) Integration is available for SERPerator (SERP Checker Tool) and the Page-oscope (Mobile Web Page Emulator).
  • Compare numeric rankings with screenshots of actual search results, to understand the impact of other elements in the search.

What is the SERPerator?

  • The MobileMoxie SERPerator tests and records real, live mobile search results from anywhere in the world.
  • This Google search emulator provides details about brand presence in Google Search & hosted inclusions, such as Featured Snippets, People Also Ask, Video Carousels and more.
  • The SERPerator also offers a local SEO radius testing that contains 13 local pins in 2 10-mile radiuses, as well as non-local for testing at only one location and a single pin of Google SERPs.
  • Use the SERPerator to test the mobile view of location & language-specific SERP pages.
  • It also includes the MoxieMeter which provides multiple scores to outline how competitive a particular search result is, and how much of the SERP your brand controls.
  • The SERPerator provides details about the pixel height & numeric ranking of everything in a search result, to help you evaluate the visibility of a search result over time.

What is the Page-oscope?

  • Use the Page-oscope to capture full-length screenshots of mobile landing pages, Knowledge Graph and Google My Business (GMB) changes, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • There is also a live mobile emulator that allows you to test call-to-action errors and functionality in your mobile website view. 
  • It allows country-specific web page view-testing, perfect for validating website experiences in highly regulated industries.
  • The Page-oscope also returns details for executed source code, source code with JavaScript turned off and a ‘Diff Checker’ that compares two – Great for Mobile-First Indexing concerns. 
  • It also provides details about the Schema code implementation on the page as well as recording & outlining top HTML tags for the page.