Position-Zero represents the top of the search result, (just below the last paid result in mobile) where the responses are technically organic, but they are not generally websites – they provide pre-formatted types of responses, like Knowledge Graph, Direct Answers, Google Utilities, and sometimes Featured Snippets. Early in 2020, Google started counting Featured Snippets as a ranking in Google Search Console, so they are sometimes counted as Position-Zero and sometimes not. Essentially though, it is an SEO’s representation of the idea that the first website ranking position has been displaced by something above it. From an SEO perspective, the difficulty of Position-Zero is that it is not represented in Google Search Console or Google Analytics, and it is hard for other tracking software to capture. They are also problematic because they are often colorful and interactive, (EX: a weather search result), and more interesting than a traditional web link. They may answer the need expressed in a query without the user having to click. This is why Position-Zero results are often associated with zero-click searches.

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