Knowledge Graph

Google Knowledge Graph is the architecture and information that Google uses to understand and relate information on the web to other information on the web. The Knowledge Graph often feels like an encyclopedia entry, combining information from Wikipedia, as well as other high-authority and entity-based websites that they index. Knowledge Graph results tend to rank at the top of a search result, so they are not counted in the rankings and are considered ‘position zero.’ They often include images and links to related websites and concepts. Many SEO’s believe that Google My Business is a special ‘business’ part of the Knowledge Graph. When Google writes about the ‘Topic Layer’ it appears to be heavily related to the entities, entries and relationships in the Knowledge Graph. At MobileMoxie we also believe that People Also Ask and Featured Snippets are either related to the Topic Layer or the Knowledge Graph, as supporting information that can not be verified with a high confidence, as a ‘fact.’

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