SERP Datalyzer

The MobileMoxie SERP Datalyzer was designed to be a Wayback Machine for the SERPs. The SERP Datalyzer will automatically capture screenshots of search results pages so you can go back in time and review visual changes to key places in the search results that most SEO tools completely miss using only a numeric representation, like Knowledge Graph, Featured Snippets, People Also Ask, Map Pack results and any new types of results or disambiguation that Google might be testing. In addition to this, the SERP Datalyzer automatically graphs YOUR performance in the search results for the keywords you set up to track, so you can analyze metrics like the number of pixels from the top of the page where the ranking occurs, the numeric actual rank, which accounts for ads, maps and things that SEOs often ignore, traditional rank, and total percent of SERP owned by the brand.

The SERP Datalyzer will automatically screenshot your tracked search results so that you can go back in time and see how the SERP appeared on any date with visual screenshots. 

Evaluate SERP variances on relevant keywords across mobile and desktop device emulations.

Track your brand’s historical SERP performance on metrics like Actual Rank, Traditional Rank, and Pixels from the Top of the results page.

Add your brand identifiers and the SERP Datalyzer will scrape the results page for URLs relevant to your brand and chart your SERP performance over time.

Track search results at a specific street address or GPS coordinate to analyze specific local results, anywhere in the world.

Page Datalyzer

The MobileMoxie Page Datalyzer combines the power of our mobile phone and desktop emulator, the Page-oscope, with unique tracking capabilities. With the Page Datalyzer, you can set and forget key URLs relevant to your brand and the Page Datalyzer will automatically screenshot the landing page based on your desired screenshot frequency. You can also test URLs in specific countries and on 50+ mobile and desktop device emulations. Ensure your landing pages are fully responsive across device types and monitor source code changes with the Page Datalyzer’s code-level viewer. Switch the code viewer to diff-checker to see the impact Javascript is having on your pages and how Google sees your page.

Track changes to any URL you want. Just select a test frequency to keep tabs on how the page changes over time in the Page Datalyzer with automatic screenshots and archiving!

Perform automatic screenshots of any URL you’d like and the Page Datalyzer will capture a screenshot at your selected frequency.

Compare site rendering with 50+ mobile devices and ensure your brands pages and posts are fully responsive.

Need to make sure that your international content is working properly? Test landing pages as if you were in any country in the world – to make sure currency & other elements adapt correctly.

The Page Datalyzer provides a code-level view of your pages to monitor any changes and trouble-shoot issues. Switch the code view to diff-checker for a highlighted comparison of rendered and un-rendered page code to see how JavaScript is impacting the page HTML and also how the Google mobile-first crawler will see your page. 

App Datalyzer

App Datalyzer

The App Datalyzer will automatically keep track of ranking changes for your apps on both broad and exact-match key phrases in the Apple IOS, and Android, Google Play Store. Simply enter in any App that is relevant to you and the App Datalyzer will go to work tracking ranking changes.

Track your app’s ranking performance on both the Apple App and Google Play stores. Monitor ranking changes in any country in the world.

Keep track of your competitors’ app rankings.

Fine-tune your app’s metadata then reference changes in the App Datalyzer to monitor the impact of metadata changes to your ASO.

 Export your ASO results to manipulate with external data and draw relationships between app impressions and other useful statistics.

The App Datalyzer will automatically graph your ASO performance for your chosen app store keywords so you’ll have a visual reference for your performance over time.

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The MobileMoxie Live Testing Tools


the MobileMoxie SERPerator

The SERPerator is our live SERP testing tool that allows anyone to enter a search query and see the corresponding SERP results based on location and device-type. Simply enter any search term, an address, and select a device. The SERPerator will create a mobile phone or desktop emulation and show you exactly how the live SERP would appear.

Enter in a keyword query and test how the SERP changes across 50+ mobile and desktop devices.

Evaluate changes in the SERP with live tests using high resolution spatial data. Test SERP results all the way down to an address or GPS coordinate level.

Load multiple mobile phone and desktop device SERP emulations to evaluate visual changes in the SERP results side-by-side.


the MobileMoxie Page-oscope

The MobileMoxie Page-oscope is an adaptive mobile phone emulator. Ensure your site is fully responsive by clicking through the entire funnel all the way to checkout on any of the 50+ mobile devices. 

Use real mobile phone and desktop emulations to evaluate page responsiveness. Interact with landing pages on simulated devices and test all the way to a checkout conversion.

Load multiple emulations together to test real time variances in page responsiveness.

Select a country to evaluate default language settings and determine how on-page features shift dependent on the spatial origin of the search. 

App Rankalyzer

the MobileMoxie App Rankalyzer

Test any app’s ranking in the Google App Pack results and see how they appear across 50+ mobile & desktop devices. The App Rankalyzer is the first tool of it’s kind to emphasize Google organic app rankings and evaluate Google App Packs.

Enter in an app search term and test Google’s app pack results for your App’s placement. 

Test your app’s live App Pack ranking in any country around the world.

Leverage mobile phone emulations to evaluate App Pack ranking changes on both broad and exact-match keywords across 50+ mobile devices.

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