Google App Search Tool:
The App Rankalyzer

See live Google App Pack ranking results for your app search queries, from any country, on 50+ mobile phones.

App Rankalyzer Google App Pack Testing Tool

How Does the App Rankalyzer Work?

Select a country you’d like to test Google App Pack results from.

Add your App Pack keyword. This could be any keyword that might be relevant to your iOS or Google Play Store application. 

Choose two mobile phones from a list of over 50 of the latest mobiles devices to compare Google App Pack results with.

Hint: This is super helpful to see how Google is displaying App Pack results differently between Android and iOS devices!

Click ‘RUN LIVE TEST’ and the App Rankalyzer will show you the top 99 App Pack positions exactly as they appear with the country and devices you’ve chosen. 


Test App Pack Results in Both!

Your App Pack Rank on an iOS Device

Current Rank

Your App Pack Rank on an Android Device

Current Rank

App Rankalyzer Use Cases

App Store Optimization

Fine-tune your ASO strategy by monitoring real Google App Pack results as they're displayed on the SERP with 50+ mobile phones.

Monitor Competitors

Use the Google App Search tool to see results on competitive keywords so you can position your app to capture greater organic search attention.

App Localization

Test Google App Pack results from any country in the world to determine how your app is ranking across various markets.

Search Engine Optimization

See live Native Apps or Progressive Web Apps (PWA's) in Google's organic app search results.

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