The MobileMoxie SERP Datalyzer: a SERP Tracker Tool for Local and International SEO

The MobileMoxie SERP Datalyzer is our SERP Tracker tool that Automatically Captures & Archives Search Result Pages Important to your Brand so you Know Exactly What's Happening & When

How Does the SERP Datalyzer Work?

Add the top search queries that are important to your brand or your competitors to track.

Select a testing frequency or interval period for each SERP test. For example, if you choose a daily test, we’ll test and archive screenshots of that SERP everyday so you can aggressively monitor it for variations. Conversely, you can setup other keywords to only test monthly if less aggressive monitoring is needed. 

Tip: Set most competitive keywords to track daily and stable keywords to track monthly.

You can choose from over 50+ mobile and desktop devices to use in your test. The SERP Datalyzer will display search results for the device of your choosing, so that you can go back in time and watch for SERP variations on different devices! Remember, sometimes search results do change between iOS and Android devices, as well as desktop.

If you haven’t already during your account setup, add brand identifiers to your account. Brand identifiers are things like your main website links, social links, blog posts you’ve appeared on or any other links relevant to your brand! This is how the SERP Tracker will know whether something in the result belongs to you, so we can be score how well your brand is represented overall on a search result – what we call your ‘Moxie.’ 

Click ‘submit’ and start your automatic SERP tracking! The SERP Datalyzer will return a live result immediately and begin archiving within 24 hours. Come back later in the week to start seeing your data populate!

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SERP Datalyzer SEO Features

SERP Datalyzer Use Cases

Search Engine Optimization

Monitor changes to the search results across 50+ device types and test from any address in the world to see local and international variations of the entire search result including hard to track features and Google integrations as they evolve.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Track changes made to your Title Tags to determine if Google is making changes to their appearance on the SERP.

Local SEO

Are you a local company? Set your automatic tests to test with a radius of pins around your company location to determine zip codes where your rankings or PPC ads change.

Historical Records and Archiving

The SERP Datalyzer will take & archive screenshots of the search results so that you can go back in time and attribute changes in the volume of traffic referrals from organic Google search and in the overall click-through rate.

PPC and Advertisement Tracking

Screenshot historical records of SERP queries you're launching PPC campaigns on. Monitor their position against competitors.

Competition Tracking

Track changes to your competitors rankings, both in Traditional Rank, and non-traditional rank like Map Packs, People Also Ask, and Knowledge Graph results.

The SERP Datalyzer SERP Tracker Includes
Fully Functional and Interactive Device Emulations

SERP Datalyzer Iphone 12 Pro Max Emulation
SERP Datalyzer Desktop Emulation

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