Automatic Screenshots of Any Webpage

The MobileMoxie Page Datalyzer Automatically Captures & Archives Full-Length Screenshots of Any Webpage, in any Country, Across 50+ Mobile and Desktop Devices

Page Datalyzer Dashboard - Wayback Machine Alternative

How Does the Page Datalyzer Work?

Add any web page or URL that you would like to track with the Page Datalyzer. Each web page or URL will show up in your Page Datalyzer summary chart once an automatic screenshot has been captured.

Select a testing frequency or interval period for each automatic screen capture that you setup. For example, a daily test interval will screenshot, then archive your web page or URL every day.

You can choose from over 50+ mobile and desktop devices to test and screenshot a web page or URL from. The Page Datalyzer will show you exactly how a particular web page or URL appeared on your selected testing devices. 

Click ‘submit’ and start your automatic tracking! A live result will populate immediately, and your automatic screenshots will start within 24 hours.

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Page Datalyzer Use-Cases

Conversion Rate Optimization

Use the Page Datalyzer to monitor on-page changes, then attribute changes to variations in conversion insights like bounce rates, and click-through rates.


Archive screenshots that illustrates accessibility, access limitation, or messaging of your landing pages so that you can go back in time and reference records to demonstrate website compliance.

Sponsored Posts

Do you offer or pay for sponsored posts or embedded advertising? Ensure marketing partners on both sides of the equation are happy by providing automated campaign validation across 50+ devices.

Historical Records and Archiving

The Page Datalyzer will take & archive screenshots of the page to ensure good UX, responsiveness, and create a historical record of the rendered and un-rendered source code.

Search Engine Optimization

Monitor changes in on-page elements, SEO metadata, and Schema, to attribute changes in search result rankings for your targeted keywords.

Competition Tracking

Track changes to your competitors pages, both visually, and with their source code. Use insights to out maneuver your top competitors.

Fully Functional and Interactive Device Emulations

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