The MobileMoxie SERPerator

A SERP Checker Tool so you can See Live Google SERPs on 50+ Mobile & Desktop Devices, from Anywhere in the World

SERPerator SEO tool dashboard

How Does the SERPerator Work?

Add your search query to the SERPerator.

Choose a country and city or add a specific address from which you’d like to test.

Hint: Testing at a specific address is great for local SEO!

Select up to two phones or a desktop device to test with. These will be displayed side-by-side so you can compare how search rankings differ.

Hint: This is super useful for determining SERP variances between desktop and mobile displays or iOS and Android phones!

Choose a language default setting you’d like the devices to use. For example, if your primary demographic is mostly Spanish speakers but they live in the United States, you may want to test your query with both Spanish and English default language settings to see search result variance.

Click the ‘Run Live Test’ button and see how the live SERP appears with your chosen settings. Feel free to interact with results, clicking into webpages, and using the ‘Back’ or ‘Refresh’ buttons as if you would on a real phone or desktop!

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SERPerator - Live SERP Checker for SEO

The SERPerator Live SERP Checker Use Cases

Local SEO

Live-test Google local search engine results in any city in the world or test with precision down to the address level.

Competition Tracking

See current competitive rankings in local, regional, and international search queries and determine if competitors control PPC placement, Map Packs, or Knowledge Graphs

PPC & Advertisement

See your current Pay-per Click, Product Listing Ads, and Local Service Ads with GPS precision.

Search Engine Optimization

Use the SERP Checker to see real Google search results on 50+ device types and test differing default language settings. Evaluate and track your brand's SEO presence with our Moxie Score!

The SERPerator Includes
Fully Functional and Interactive Device Emulations

SERP Datalyzer Iphone 12 Pro Max Emulation
SERP Datalyzer Desktop Emulation

What's the Difference Between the Free and Paid SERPerator?

The free SERPerator and paid SERPerator work exactly the same and have the same functions. However, in the free tool, you’re limited to three SERPerator tests per month. With the paid version, you get unlimited live tests & access to our SERP Datalyzer which lets you automatically capture and archive these results over time. 

Try the free SERPerator out here.

Ready to Get Started?

Learn more about the SERPerator and how MobileMoxie got started in this blog interview with our CEO, Cindy Krum.