Mobile Website Test:

The Page-oscope Tool

Test any web page all the way to a checkout or event conversion with 50+ interactive mobile and desktop devices.

Mobile Website Test tool - the MobileMoxie Page-oscope

How Does the
Page-osocpe Work?

Enter your URL for the webpage you’d like to test.

Interested in validating your webpage localization settings? Select a country you’d like to test from, or simply choose your home country to see the localized version of the page for page elements like currency, shipping, language ect.

The Page-oscope tool can you how a URL appears on a selection of over 50+ mobile & desktop devices; choose two devices to compare your website with.

Click ‘RUN LIVE TEST’ and the Page-oscope will load your URL within these selected devices!


Hint: These are fully interactive so go ahead and scroll down and click through on different elements of your website!

Try the Page-oscope - Our Mobile Website Tester, for Free!

You can use our Page-oscope tool 3 times each month, free, with no signup required. 

If you signup, all paid pricing tiers include unlimited Page-oscope tests.

Mobile Website Test Features

Page-oscope Use Cases

Competition Tracking

Test the landing pages and URL's of your competition to see their mobile rendering & UX.

Sponsored Posts

Ensure your sponsored posts, or sponsored posts that you host for customers appear correctly on mobile & desktop.


Test live landing pages from any country in the world to see how the localization settings appear in each country.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Use the Page-oscope to test UI/UX features, design, and CTA efficacy across 50+ devices for CRO.

Fully Functional and Interactive Device Emulations

Page Datalyzer Display Gof

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