The MobileMoxie Free Chrome Extension for Conversion Rate Optimization​

Test your landing pages on iOS, Android, and Desktop all in one web extension.

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The MobileMoxie Mobile Landing Page Checker Chrome Extension

The Perfect Chrome Extension for Mobile Conversion-Rate Optimization

Looking to up your conversion rate optimization game? The new MobileMoxie Chrome Extension was built just for that. We transformed our most popular tool - the Page-oscope into a Google Chrome extension. Now you can easily test any website landing pages on 50+ mobile phones and desktop with the simple click of a button in your browser. Use this free mobile emulator up to 10 times daily or make unlimited tests with any MobileMoxie plan.

Screenshot of Page-oscope Chrome Extension

You can download the Chrome Extension on the Chrome Web Store here.

Yes! The Chrome Extension was built for Chrome but we’re super happy that it’s also supported by Brave, Microsoft Edge, and Opera.

We built this extension to enable users to create landing page changes consistent with mobile design. If you’re a front-end developer, designer, or SEO, you’ll love this free Chrome extension.

Simply download the extension here. Then, whenever you’re on a landing page you want to test on a mobile device, simply click the browser icon in the top right. This will open a new tab with your landing page so you can see how it appears on an iOS, Android, and Desktop device. The device loaded is fully interactive so feel free to click through and play with it like a real mobile phone!

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