The MobileMoxie Free Chrome Extension for SEO

See live Google search results on 50+ mobile phones & desktop in an easy-to-use Chrome Extension.

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The MobileMoxie Free SERP Checker SEO Chrome Extension

Test Live Search Results on the Spot, Anywhere in the World

Improve your search engine optimization (SEO) arsenal with the free-to-use SERPerator Google Chrome extension. Our SERP checker Chrome extension tool allows you to live test search results on iOS, Android, and desktop devices! Use the tool to live-test a search result from anywhere in the world so you can evaluate how results change with location. You even get a parsed numeric representation of the search result with important statistics like Pixels from the Top, Percent of SERP Makeup, and more!
The best part? The new extension is completely free to use! You'll get 10 free tests everyday with no login required.
(We really do just want to make awesome tools!)
Pro tip: Switching between iOS, Android, and Desktop won't use additional tests.

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You can download the Chrome Extension on the Chrome Web Store here.

Yes! The Chrome Extension was built for Chrome but we’re super happy that it’s also supported by Brave, Microsoft Edge, and Opera.

We’re so glad you asked. This Chrome Extension should excite you if you work in SEO or search-related industries! With the SEO Chrome Extension you can live test search results (with geo-precision) anywhere in the world, on 50+ mobile phones and desktop. This is amazing to see how Google search results change on various devices. You can even change the device language setting to evaluate how Google disambiguates search results for your international audience.

Simply download the extension here. Then, whenever you’re on a search result you want to test, simply click the browser icon in the top right. This will open a new tab with your search result so you can see how the search result appears on an iOS, Android, and Desktop. The device loaded is fully interactive so feel free to click through and play with it like a real mobile phone!

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