Seeing Live Google App Pack Rankings

With the App Rankalyzer

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The App Rankalyzer Live Google App Pack Testing Tool

App Rankalyzer Google App Pack Testing Tool

What are Google App Packs?

Google App Packs are groups of suggested apps that appear directly in the Google mobile search result when a user searches for app-relevant keywords on mobile devices.

App Pack Results Shown on Mobile and Desktop

The iPhone’s search results return an app pack, a grouping of suggested mobile apps in the iOS store, whereas desktop searches don’t return these results. It’s important to note that the order of app rankings in an App Pack differs from the order of app rankings in app stores.

Functions of the App Rankalyzer

With the MobileMoxie App Rankalyzer, you can test Google App Pack rankings for your native app or PWA (progressive web application) to see current Google App Pack ranking results. This is super helpful if you’re trying to rank your mobile application in the search results. 

Select a Country, App Keyword, and Two Mobile Phones

The App Rankalyzer allows you to test App Pack rankings from any country in the world. It may be that your target audience is mostly Canadian, so why not test in Canada? Choose an app keyword that you’d like to rank for as well as two mobile phones. This can be helpful when determining the difference between Apple App Store and Google Play Store App Pack results. 

Click 'Run Live Test'

The App Rankalyzer will get to work populating the App Pack results for your search query on the selected devices you chose! On the left phone in the image, you can see that the iPhone the top 3 App Pack rankings are Fitness, MyFitnessPal, and Workout for Women: Fitness App

You're all set!

The best way to get started is to play around in the App Rankalyzer and experiment with new keywords, devices, and countries that are relevant to your brand. Have fun!