Webinar: Mobile-First Indexing: What Got You There, Won’t Get You Here

At MobileMoxie, we believe that Google’s Launch of Mobile-First Indexing enabled them to change the organization of their index, which in turn, is changing the look and feel of most search results – especially on mobile. This presentation focuses on the very important data that is not representative in most SEO analytics, but that can help explain why traffic on certain keywords might drop, even if nothing has changed in your site or your SEO strategy. It is not always an algorithm shift, per se, but is often because Google is testing new ‘Position-Zero‘ and ‘Hosted Inclusion’ style results, or because Google may have gotten more aggressive with the PPC results for your industry. This presentation focuses on how things like App Packs, Map Packs, People Also Ask, Answers and Featured Snippets, Knowledge Graph, and other types of Google-hosted results are often taking clicks out of your analytics accounts, making them less measurable, even if they could be a good thing for your brand or company bottom line.

There are video and audio versions of the presentation that you can access below. Soon, you will also be able to access this webinar as a podcast – part of our MobileMoxie podcast series, M4: MobileMoxie Marketing Musings – SEO & ASO Webinars. We are working on this now, and you should be able to find it in both iTunes or GooglePlay soon. Thanks to everyone who attended this presentation live in Denver and Philadelphia! Please note that we have updated the promo code to work for people who did not attend the conference. Instead of the promo code in the presentation, use the one in the image below. It is ‘WEBINAR001’ – The ‘001’ in the promo code is numeric – ‘zero, zero, one’. If you want to try free versions of the mobile emulator in the presentation, check our free SERP test and our free mobile emulator for web pages.  If you like the tools and want tools, you can use that promo code to register for a free trial of the full mobile toolset.


We have included images of some of the slides below, to help you get a sense for what is in this presentation. If you scroll over the images, each one has a caption, to help you understand what is going on.

MobileMoxie Mobile SEO Tools Promo Code Mobile SEO Analytics Data is Incomplete - Except for GSC, it is Only Telling you about Traffic that Clicks. Ignores Hosted Inclusions & Position Zero Results in the SERP.
Sometimes SEO Data Makes No Sense! Rankings Improve, but Total Clicks Drop Down to Zero. WHY! MobileMoxie SERP Test Allows You to Upload a CSV of Addresses to test with, so you can see real search results & from all over the world. & improve your Mobile SEO Strategy Accordingly
The MobileMoxie Service Area Tool Shows Real Mobile Search Results Tested at different Intervals of distance away from the center. Real, localized Mobile SERPs Allow Us to tailor SEO Strategy based on Location - Focusing on Where Zero-Click Results are Most Common or where Competition is Strongest.
Google is trying so hard to build-out the Knowledge Graph that they have things that don't exist - Chili's does not have a Bloomin Onion, they have the Awesome Blossom. Also, look at the other Chili's menu items in the related content at the bottom. Menus are apparently part of the Knowledge Graph now. Mobile Search Results change from place to place, and also from iOS to Android. Knowing when Ads, App Packs & Map Packs are in a SERP helps you know why traffic may be down.