App Pack

App Packs show in the Google SERP when Google determines that there is a high probability that the searcher is looking for an app. They tend to appear in groups of 3 or 6 apps, usually with an expansion arrow that allows the users to see more app rankings. App Packs are a great way to drive app downloads and engagement. Google uses a different algorithm to determine rankings of apps in an App Pack than the iOS App Store or Google Play – so top rankings in either of the app stores does not guarantee App Pack rankings. App Pack rankings appear to be weighted by keywords in the App Title, Short Description, Promo Text and Long Description, but not the iOS Keyword Tag, which is not visible to the crawler. It also seems that star rankings from both of the stores factor in to the rankings. When an app in an App Pack is clicked, these link directly to the app download page in Google Play or the iTunes App Store. If the app is already loaded on the phone, clicking on the result will launch the app.

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