Webinar: Mobile-First Indexing & The Story Your Data Isn’t Telling You

Mobile-First Indexing & The Story Your Data Isn't Telling You

Mobile-First Indexing is really Entity-First Indexing: Organizing Google’s index of information around the Knowledge Graph. The obvious increase in Knowledge Graph-style assets in the mobile search results, which we are calling ‘Hosted Inclusions’ and ‘Fraggles‘ are taking clicks away from traditional organic search results and keeping the user in the Google SERP longer, often without resulting in a click to a website at all.

Only 38.5% of mobile searches actually end in a website click, and this should change how you are looking at the data in your analytics. Since more than half of the searches are mobile, and more those half of those searches are not landing on a website, good SEO’s have to start looking at the searches, and evaluating where and how searchers are engaging, and get their brands there. ‘Found on the Web,’ ‘People Also Ask’ and ‘Related Searches now include Featured Snippets and answers at the top, middle, and bottom of the SERP. It seems that Google now wants to be an Answer Engine much more than a Search Engine because the answers can be read in a voice result. Entity-First Indexing even allows Google to translate Knowledge Graph results to fit a user’s phone language or search language, even when the query is in a different language, which is also shown in this presentation.

The easiest way to understanding Mobile-First Indexing is looking at real SERPs, but the hard part about that is not having historical records of what mobile search results used to look like. Once something new is added to a mobile SERP, SEO’s notice it, but have not way to go back and compare it to how the SERP looked before. To solve this problem, we have created a tool that helps SEO’s check their most important mobile queries on a weekly or monthly basis, and archive images of those results for comparison and measurement later. The MobileMoxie tools also allow SEO’s to easily test and compare mobile search results from a variety of locations or service areas, to help clients understand the impact that all of these changes have in different locations around the world. Case studies that show the value of this kind of information and how it can be used for clients are also included in this presentation.

This webinar is one hour and 5 minutes long. There were a couple of times that I forgot to move the arrow off of the video of my face – sorry about that! I know it is distracting and I will try to remember not to do that next time! If you like this webinar or have comments or questions, please leave them for us in YouTube!

Soon, you will also be able to access the podcast version of this content, as part of our MobileMoxie podcast series, M4:MobileMoxie Marketing Musings – SEO & ASO Webinars,  in iTunes or GooglePlay (coming soon!). Thanks to everyone who attended this presentation live in Portland at the Engage conference! Please note that we have updated the promo code to work for people who did not attend the conference. It is ‘WEBINAR003’ – The ‘001’ in the promo code is numeric – ‘zero, zero, three’.