Webinar: How do Algorithms Rank & Spread Information

Search Algorithms & How they Impact Communication

Algorithms are complex in their nature and can be hard to understand, but there are things that make Google’s algorithm especially hard to pin down and replicate. Algorithms are designed to favor content with certain characteristics, and rank it well, and suppress other content if it is missing the positive characteristics, or is heavy with negative characteristics. Overall, Google seems to organize the rankings based on relevance, domain authority, page authority, and links, because these things denote high-quality content – in the eyes of the algorithm. But it is important to understand that the ranking factors and signals can be influenced can be changed, by the query itself, as well as other signals associate with the query, such as the location of the searcher, the language of the searcher, and the device where the search is submitted. This webinar is designed to help people outside of the digital marketing and SEO industry understand how algorithms might skew or reinforce certain ideas while limiting the exposure of others, based more on digital ranking factors, and their assessment in the algorithm, more than the veracity or value of the content to society.

The talk also focuses on how Google is now trying harder to surface answers more than websites, but that sometimes, Google can get their answers wrong. Often this is a simple mistake, but it can risk larger negative effects, so Google is using Natural Language Processing to help. The webinar explains what Google is doing to limit and prevent wrong and controversial answers, as well as answers that could risk money or safety. The talk emphasizes the importance of actually testing and monitoring Google search results for the keywords and locations that are relevant to your task. A promo code is included at the end, which can be used to sign up for 30 days of free access to the MobileMoxie tool-set, which can help you do this individual or at scale. The promo code is WEBINAR006 (WEBINAR is all capital letters, and the digits are ‘zero,’ ‘zero,’ ‘six’ and you can just register for the free trial here. Enjoy the webinar, and please let us know what you think in the YouTube comments.