Announcing MobileMoxie SEO Round Table Discussions

At MobileMoxie, we love to discuss new ideas, concepts and trends that we see in our industry. For years, we have done that at conferences, but now that everyone is traveling less, we thought it might be a fun idea to do it digitally – so we present to you: MobileMoxie Marketing Musings: SEO Round Table Discussions.

We want to start off doing them just once per month – On the last Friday of every month, at 1pm our time, which is noon in San Francisco, 3pm in New York, 8pm in London and 9pm in Europe. Our plan is to have a pre-announced topic for each event; this is the tentative schedule:

May 29th: Core Update Winners & Losers
June 26th: Changes in Local SEO
July 31st: SEO Agency Changes
August 28th: TBD

Please just tweet to @MobileMoxie with questions, topic ideas and suggestions, and we will work on getting a more official submission form soon – We would love to hear from you! In the long run, if attendance and demand seems to be high enough, we will increase the schedule, and make this a weekly event, but we want to hear from you, if this is something that you would want to incorporate into your weekly schedule.

For each topic, we will try to arrange at least one or two guests of honor, who have a specialty or expertise on the topic area. They won’t do a presentation, though we might ask them to introduce the topic or explain the concept, to help get the conversation going. The idea is to crate a supportive and inquisitive forum for conversation. While debate and disagreement will be actively encouraged, as a means of discussion and learning, anyone who is rude or disrespectful will be ejected from the event, because we want people to feel free to express their ideas in a hostility-free environment.

We will  publicize the details for each event on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere, and hope that you will share the information. We will start the round-table discussion off with a quick explanation of the topic, and the various perspectives that people in the industry have about it. If you have thoughts on the topic that you want to share, we would love to hear them. If you have questions on the topic, we would also love to hear those. If you have ever wanted to discuss an SEO topic with someone in the industry, invite them – this might be your time! These will not be private discussions – They are open to anyone, and they will also be recorded, and published on a YouTube channel, as an audio file, and if we have time, we will try to write up notes and summarize the discussion in a blog post.