Australia and APAC Mobile Marketing Recap: 6 Trends for 2011

Mobile Moxie on the Road, Part 4
Presented in Sydney, Australia; April 2011

A Look at the Major Trends In Mobile Marketing from 2011

In this presentation we explore the state of mobile marketing, take a deeper look into the Australian and South Pacific mobile marketing stats, and discuss important topics from 2011. Take a look at the slide show presentation after you read through this post.

It won�t come as a surprise that the number of mobile phone accounts has increased at a startling pace over the past 10 years. At the end of 2010 there were approximately 5 billion mobile phone accounts worldwide, while in 2000 there were only around 1 billion accounts. Growth in mobile phone usage is worldwide; it is being adopted and expanding rapidly on every continent. And people aren�t just using their mobile phones to talk. Over the past four years, the use of mobile phones for email, texting, streaming audio, social networking, instant messaging, audio playback, gaming, streaming the Internet, and Tweeting has steadily increased. It is apparent that across the globe, mobile phones continue to become an integral part of any savvy marketing strategy.

Australia and APAC Mobile Marketing Stats

Mobile Marketing Statistics for the Asian Pacific:

1. There were 100 million smart phones in APAC in 2010
2. That number will double to 200 million smart phones in Australia and Asia Pacific by 2016
3. This is a compound growth rate of 12%
4. Android will be the dominant operating system
5. 32% of all mobile phones will be smart phones
6. 64% of mobile advertising worldwide will be purchased in APAC!

Aussie Mobile Marketing Statistics:

1. Nearly half of all Australian mobile phone users now have an Internet-capable phone!

� Of these, nearly 29% access the web regularly on their phone

� Internet searches are the most popular online activity on Australian mobile phones

2. Reading news, email, maps and directions, and social networking sites follow Internet searches as the most popular activities on Internet-capable mobile phones in Australia
3. Nokia has 35% of the market share, and Apple has 28% of market share
4. 98% of users have Facebook accounts, 20% have Twitter accounts, and 17% have MySpace accounts

Important Mobile Marketing Topics for 2011

To stay relevant with your marketing message, you must evolve and take hold of new trends. Mobile marketing is changing at breakneck speeds. Here are some of the major trends and topics from 2011 to pay attention to; you don�t want to get left behind.

1. QR Codes: These are the black and white, square bar codes popping up everywhere – on cereal boxes, posters, bus stops, etc. Mobile phone users can snap a picture of a QR code, and it will send them to any number of destinations. It can load a web page, a map, or even prompt a download onto their phones. They are free to create and the possibilities for creative applications are endless.
2. Social Sites on Mobile Phones: Facebook has over 600 million users and more than ? of them access the social network on their mobile phones. Twitter has over 165 million users and over 50% of them use Twitter on their mobile devices. 200+ million YouTube videos are shown on mobile devices every day. If these numbers don�t convince you to integrate your social and mobile marketing strategies, nothing will.
3. Harness local features and local search: One half of all local searches are performed on mobile phones. It just makes sense. When you�re on the go and need to find a store, service, or restaurant, you turn to your phone. The number one access point for local information is the mobile browser, with 20.7 million users per month.
4. Local-Social Applications: Local review and check-in sites are on the rise. People use their phones to check in to shops, malls, parks, restaurants and more. Make sure you have a Google places listing and are present on sites like Yelp, Foursquare and Gowalla if you have a brick and mortar business. Customers will be able to tell the world they are there, and provide valuable reviews that can really spur business. Also, include your address in an hCard microformat on the website.
5. Mobile Cloud Computing: The use of mobile cloud computing continues to grow. This means that people can and will become more and more independent from their computers and more dependent on their phones for everything. Keep an eye on this growing trend.
6. Mobile Video Viewing: The increase in viewing of YouTube videos on mobile devices increased 3x in 2010 to 200+ million views per day! This creates an immense possibility for engaging your audience, prompting embeds on social sites, and harnessing YouTube ad placements. Do not overlook this bursting and engaging marketplace!