How to Find a Static Google My Business (GMB) for a Property You Manage

If you manage a business and want to track visual changes to the GMB landing page (your business representation on Google Maps), you can do in the MobileMoxie Page-oscope – our mobile view tool, that lets you test any URL on a variety of different phones. The best way to track it is with a URL, which you can easily get from the Google My Business management utility. 

Here are instructions for finding the URLs for your business:

  1. The easiest way to get a URL for a business location is directly from the Google My Business management page. Simply log into your GMB account. Follow this link: and click ‘Sign In’, in the upper right-hand corner or click either of the ‘Manage Now’ buttons, if you are already logged.Log into Google My Business
  2. Next, find the business location that you want to test in the Page-oscope. If you only have one location, this will be easy; if you have many, just pick one for now, and click into the business profile. For this demo, we clicked on the MobileMoxie location, as you can see below.Cindy Krum - Knowledge Graph Static URL
  3. Finally, make sure you are on the ‘Home’ tab of the profile. Scroll down to where it says ‘View on Maps’, ‘’View on Search’ or ‘Share Your Business Profile’; (Sometimes this is on the left, and sometimes this is on the right). Click ‘Share Your Business Profile’.Static URLs for Google My Business Profiles (GMB)
  4. Click and copy the URL that comes up in the modal. This is the URL that you will use to track this business in the Page-oscope. Go back to the Page-oscope Dashboard, and add this URL. With this, the Page-oscope will be able to capture an image of exactly how the GMB result looks in search – either daily, weekly, or monthly – whichever you choose, so that you can compare changes over time side-by-side, and see when things go live.GMB Profile Share Link Modal - Google My Business

If you are still stuck, check out this quick tutorial video to learn more about getting static links for businesses that you manage in Google My Business. Remember, if you are a MobileMoxie subscriber, you can use the Page-oscope to auto-capture visuals of this page on a daily, monthly or weekly basis. If you are not a subscriber yet, here is a free version of the mobile website test, which lets you see how any URL, including GMB URLs look on a variety of different phones: