We are continually working on improving the MobileMoxie Tools by releasing new features, dealing with bugs and updating our documentation. Here's what we have done recently.

February 2018


Tools Device Responsive modifications, introduction of new billing plans and models, general bug fixes

January 2018


Tools NAT update, minor screen changes.


Tools Search Simulator fixes

December 2017


Tools Complete overhaul of the entire Members Area, tools, account management and billing. This includes new design and functionality in preparation for new features in 2018.

Access Changes to how user accounts work including new plans and subscriptions


Site Updates to system code, fixes.


Tools New phone models added to tools

November 2017


Tools Native App Tracker Beta release including performance updates, improved query options and display fixes


Site Menu changes for Members

Tools Phone updates

October 2017


Site Changes to captchas across site to resolve some usability issues


Tools Documentation and Design, responsive tweaks

September 2017


Tools Alpha release of our new Native App Tracker tool to finalise preparations for the Beta version coming soon!


Site Small changes to Site forms.


Tools Fixes to Mobile Page Emulator handling on touch screen devices.


Tools Updates to the registration process and capabilities for promotion codes.

August 2017


Tools Major changes to performance of Mobile Page Emulator to improve performance and handling of complex sites.


Site Internal fixes and adjustments for new site.


Tools Patched issue with Device Emulator.

July 2017


Site We needed to implement a number of structural and framework changes to give us way more leg room and capabilities for our future plans. So we have rebuilt the site from the ground up and while we were at it added a new skin to it..

Tools Only a couple of very tiny changes here for this update, many more to come. They were all cosmetic.

Access We have merged user access between the beta API site and our old site. All users from our main site now will need to use your email address to login and reset your password. We didn't bring passwords over, it's a security thing.

API The API no longer has a Beta label on it and we will be offering some new features with it soon.


This changelog page only started with the release of V2.0 so we don't have any of the many previous updates from before now to show.