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Most Frequent Questions and Answers About the SERPerator

The SERPerator FAQ

We pass all the relevant User-Agent and other information that a real phone in that location would send to the Search Engine which then responds accordingly with the results. We routinely compare and review the results our tests return against actual results to ensure its accuracy.

Yes we store historical tests created using the tools within the Members Area so that you can track, review, and compare them over time. 

Occasionally, when we have a higher than normal number of users on the tools at one time, the tool will return a Google Captcha. This is a normal thing that Google does when it feels like a searcher has submitted a lot of queries – It is evidence that Google perceives our tools as real phones, and you are getting real results. The best thing to do is complete the Captcha, and continue working. If you get more than one Captcha in a row, please let us know. If this happens, it might be best to take a break, and come back to the tool a bit later.

The SERPerator is our live SERP testing tool. It allows you to test live, current, Google search results on 50+ mobile phones from any address in the world.

The SERP Datalyzer takes it one step further by adding automatic tracking and archiving. This way, you can track your most important search results and create a historical record from your most important locations, on your most important devices.

If a user provides only a post code for their search, we conduct the test from the physical center of the post code area.

If a user provides only a city name for their search, we conduct the test from the physical center of the city.

All live SERPerator test results are interactive and clickable. Results collected overtime are screenshots of the live results and thus, they are not interactive.

The MobileMoxie SERPerator allows users to test search results all over the world with any language settings. Using your personal phone to test search results is not an accurate or effective way to test. It also limits the results that you can test to your current location and your current phone language settings. Using the SERPerator lets you change the testing location and languages without adding apps or changing settings on your own phone, and also removes the risk of any personalization on your own phone impacting the accuracy of the results.

Google takes into consideration the exact location of the user and provides the most relevant results related to proximity. Tools that pass no location data are easy for Google to spot and may not reflect accurate or real results that Google is ever serving.

Different language settings will change the content and websites that rank, as well as how the results are presented, regardless of the physical location of the search and regardless of the language of the query that is submitted. Even when language settings are not congruent with the query language and location of the searcher, Google still takes under consideration and updates relevant parts of the results to be in the language of preference when possible.

The free version of the SERPerator allows you to conduct up to 5 tests per day and compare in 2 different devices in each test. These tests are not saved for future comparison.

Our local SEO testing allows you to test search results in an exact location with additional locations around that location in a radius, with two 10-mile increments – returning a total of 13 test results in the area. This way you can see how much the search results change as searchers move further from your physical location.

SERPerator helps you test search results in Google and the Page-oscope allows you to test web page design, performance, UX and CRO.

MobileMoxie Pro and Enterprise Plans offer the ability to manage multiple clients at a time with some management controls.