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Most Frequent Questions and Answers About the Page Datalyzer

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The MobileMoxie Page Datalyzer is our CRO and UI/UX tool that allows users to automatically track landing pages on 50+ mobile devices and desktop with full-length screenshots and a built-in code viewer.

Yes we store historical tests created using the tools within the Members Area so that you can track, review, and compare them over time. 

The Page-oscope allows you to conduct up to 5 tests per day and compare in 2 different devices in each test with no account required. The Page Datalyzer is a premium tool that allows MobileMoxie users to upload multiple URLs (pages) and countries and test them on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. The Page Datalyzer tool saves a full-length screenshot of the loaded pages with each automated test and provides details about Schema Code, HTML Tags, and JavaScript execution.

Many businesses working on international settings need to manage different country-specific customizations including those for language, currency, shipping or legal restrictions. The MobileMoxie Page-oscope allows you to test these country-specific customizations on one page, in different countries all over the world.

All live testing Page-oscope results are interactive and clickable for all live testing. Live tests made in the Page Datalyzer are also interactive, however, archived screenshots of the page on the device are not interactive.

The MobileMoxie Page Datalyzer allows users to test pages on different phones as if they were standing anywhere in the world. Similarly, the Page Datalyzer captures full-length screenshots automatically, then archives them over time. Using your personal phone for testing limits the results to your current physical location and only lets you test on the specific phone handset that you own. Using your own phone for testing instead of the Page-oscope or Page Datalyzer may also mean that your personal phone testing results are impacted by personalized phone settings such as font size or zoom level in your mobile browser.

The paid version of the MobileMoxie Page-oscope (the Page Datalyzer) provides details about JavaScript execution, as well as Schema Code and HTML Tags.

Most of MobileMoxie pricings plans offer multiple users’ access.