Web Assembly

A virtual machine stack where code is compiled and stored in binary format in a .wasm file – to be made portable, when it is ingested by a run-time (including a browser) and turn it into executable code for wherever it is being deployed. This is how game engines work to make video games portable, across different platforms. In web, it is strongly associated with C++. Generic UC library qt.io already works with WebAseembly. EX: Squoosh.app for images. WebAssembly is much easier to keep fast when compared to JavaScript. Assembly Script is a type-script that allows you to use a type-script library and write for WebAssembly for the web. Uses web-workers for multi-threaded processing, but there is a shared linear memory. (Shipped in Chrome 74 and on by default). Works with emscript to drop-in functionality that takes any type of code work on the browser. Generally, will convert native app code to JavaScript(?)