The API is available in two modes

Full Size Configuration
Best For: Corporate Dashboards & Internal Systems
JavaScript code only

Embeds an iframe into the page including the full tool with all options.

If you choose the Full Size Configuration:

  • You only need to add the JavaScript code to a page with in your software/dashboard and the tool will display automatically for use.

Icon Configuration
Best For: Applications and SaaS Tools
JavaScript + variables

Add to pages where users are displayed inline icon/s next to related information (e.g. keyword phrase or url).

If you choose Icon mode:

  • You will need to add some variable data to the JavaScript within your system.
  • Your code will need to dynamically insert the relevant variable into the JavaScript as the page is loaded.
  • This displays a mobile icon in that position on your report.
  • When a user clicks the mobile icon a modal window appears with the results automatically loaded for those variables. E.g. keyword phrase or URL.

The Page-oscope API provides access to our Page-oscope for use in your agency or enterprise as part of your development processes.

In-House Teams

Embed our emulator in your company’s internal dashboards & systems for easy access.

Corporate Product Managers

Give your complete Team access to Mobile tools to preview your mobile ads and landing pages.

Designers and Developers

Place an icon in your case studies and portfolio to show your work on Mobile Devices in a live emulation.

Web Development Agencies

Empower your developer’s fast, easy access to mobile testing tools including a variety of mobile emulators and simulators.

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