SMX West: Interview with Abby Prince from WebPro News

Hi Everyone,

This is an interview I did with Abby Prince from WebPro News. We talk about how mobile is creeping into all of the conversations at shows like SMX West, and how mobile will be integrated into lots of different types of advertising campaigns. We also talk about me starting Rank-Mobile, and how Rank-Mobile can help companies integrate their on and off-line marketing with mobile. Mobile marketing makes everything a direct response that is measurable, and in a down economy, it is really important to be able to track and prove ROI, so we talk about how mobile marketing can help you do that too.

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Rank-Mobile Has A QR Code

Hi All!

I just used to create a QR code for my blog. I had the option to make the QR code pull up text, a url, a phone number or send an SMS (a text message). I chose SMS, because I knew I could include a url and email address in the SMS, and they would all become clickable when it was sent as an SMS. The text message says:

“Thanks for visiting Please email me at or call me at 720-231-7277 if you need help with your mobile marketing!”

And here is the QR code:

Let me know if it works!

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Mobile Search Engine Submission

Hi Everyone,

Search engine submission used to be a good strategy for traditional SEO, but it still works for mobile search engines. This post has existed for awhile so I wanted to update it with some info I could on GoMoNews. The original post is here:, but here is the list of mobile search engines that they have created:


Submit mobile & traditional site map through Google Webmaster Tools:

Use the old-school submission form at: and put ‘mobile’ in the comments field

Submit all addresses to Google Local:


Submit all addresses to Yahoo Local:

MSN/Windows Live:

Submit all addresses to Live Search Local:







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