SES Chicago – Interview About Net Neutrailty & Mobile Net Neutrality

This is an interview that I did at SES Chicago 2008. Abby and I talk about how Net Neutrality and Mobile Net Neutrality can impact your search marketing efforts.

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Mobile Phones will be the Main Gateway to the Internet by 2020

FacebookTwitteremailBufferLinkedinToday, a great article by Online Media Daily talks about how the explosive adoption of web-enabled mobile handsets will impact how we all access the internet by 2020. It discusses the possibility of a unified mobile web access scheme in which we always have access to the internet from our mobile devices. I pulled a […]

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SES Chicago Webmaster Roundtable at Kitty O’Sheas

HHi Everyone,

I just got back from SES Chicago. It was a great conference, and it was wonderful to see everyone again. If you weren’t there, we had a great time, especially Monday night, when BOTW sponsored the Webmaster Roundtable at Kitty O’sheas. Some of the top SEO’s in the country were talking about the industry, and I was lucky enough to participate. Have a listen, and let me know what you think!

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